COTANA GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY (COTANA GROUP ) was established in 1993. At present, COTANA GROUP is an economic group in the construction sector. To diversify ownership and business line, COTANA GROUP has formed a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, 20 member companies in which COTANA GROUP plays as the parent company role and  joint ventures.

COTANA GROUP has become a well known contractor on the construction market, trusted by  many investors . Our work has expanded in  many different areas such as civil construction, hotels, commercial center and new urban areas that are not only constructed in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but also in many other cities in the whole country .

COTANA GROUP is not only known as a reputable contractor but also an investor and construction material producer. TSG -brand safety glasses and plastic doors of Thanh Nam Safety Glass Factory,  the construction materials production area  in Quoc Oai – Hanoi manufacturing wooden products, furniture , concrete products and precast concrete structure that have proved the maturity of the Company. Especially, the joint venture with a South Korea company that established a company named BMS – THANH NAM which specializes in manufacturing components and  reinforced with joint steel connecting systems in concrete structures has confirmed the ongoing development of the Company.

In the field of investment and real estate business , COTANA GROUP is one of the founders of VIHAJICO which now is the owner of the ECOPARK city, covered the area of 500 ha . Cooperating with major partners in the construction industry to participate in investment field such as cooperating with HUD to establish Hudland company that is investing many new urban areas in Hanoi and Bac Ninh ; cooperating with  COMA Corporation to invest in  Hanoi – HungYen BT road project .

To have a great brand after years of constructing and developing company, as you see COTANA GROUP today, beside applying the new working style, advance technology and regularly maintaining and developing the quality management system according to international standard ISO : 9001-2008, it cannot help mentioning to our philosophy and orientation which is very important: that is human strategy. COTANA GROUP have paid great attention to build and develop Company culture to create an equal living and working environment for employees. Currently, COTANA GROUP has a strong party, a union organization and a Youth Union, attracted almost of company’s personnel. Every employee of COTANA GROUP has chance to own shares of the Company. Thanks to the good working environment, COTANA GROUP has attracted a high quality human resource. Currently, COTANGROUP is attracting  a clouded labor force, in which more than a half of that are university-academic standard engineers with high skills and working experiences. They will be the main and the most important resource that help COTANA GROUP become a powerful and sustainable developing economic group.



English name            : COTANA GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY

Representative         : Mr. DAO NGOC THANH

Position                      : CHAIRMAN