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Dear readers! Tet is coming with a lot of emotions. We would like to send you this newsletter as a New Year’s gift. Wish you a  more success and happỉer new year. Click here for detail: cotanagroup newletters no. 14

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No. 12 – Tet Giap Ngo

Happy New Year! Continue reading


COTANA TIMES – OCTOBER, 2013 Click here to see: COTANA  TIMES NO. 11  

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No. 10 – June /2013

Summer comes, half of a year has gone, Cotana group has been over viewing the results in the past two quarters and determining to fulfill the 2013 business plan to welcome the 20th anniversaries of Cotana Group… Continue reading

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No. 09 – January / 2013

Spring is the season of flying but  deep emotion. It seems that every modification of the heavens and the earth will also affect human mood so that when the spring comes, we try to be all of the old year and nervously anticipate what will be coming in  the new year. Going with in the air of the spring, each …

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No. 08 – October, 2012

Autumn comes, it is the time Cotana group are racing against time, go through the challenge to complete the plan in 2012. In the context of hard knocks most of the businesses in the Construction and Real Estate industry, Cotana Group – at the age of 19- is proving its youth and internal resources. In the Third quarter of 2012, …

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No. 07 – 07/2012

Go between the bright summer day, probably everyone has more or less memory of a youth with a white shirt, red phoenix, school yard and throbbing testing season … Summer came, suddenly, our legs want to run faster, with higher distilled singing as to drop soul in the space of the beckons new land, to feel fresh and enjoy the …

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No. 06 – 04/2012

We meet each other again through COTANA GROUP Newsletter in the first memorable days of April. April is time for us to be proud of the heroic history of our country, when the power of the liberation 37 years ago has penetrated the steel shield to help the country have fully unity joy. Over the time, this April is still intact …

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No.05 – May 01, 2012

We closed 2011 with many good marks and encouraging achievements but also a lot of worries, chaos, concern … What we have today is indeed very proud and fully confident to step into 2012 with high expectations. On behalf of Cotana group’s leaders, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all staff in the past year. On the occasion …

COTANA GROUP Newsletter No.04 – September 2011

Created momentum by impressive production results of the 06 earlier months of 2011, this time, COTANA GROUP is entering the sprint to complete the 2011 targets. The growth of COTANA GROUP is increasingly getting more attention of customers, shareholders and investors. We have every reason to be optimistic and believe in our opportunity. In this issue, the editors of  COTANA …

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