The “connecting love” trip 2019


On August 29th  and 30th  2019,  Cotana Group Union and Youth held a charity trip to two school sites:

Bong Sen kindergarten, Tuc Dan commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province.

Ban Luu Secondary and Secondary School, Hat Luu Commune, Tram Tau District, Yen Bai Province.

This is an activity within the program “Connecting love” 2019 launched by the Cotana Group Union and Youth.

On this trip, our team brought the children at the two school  the essential equipment and facilities for their children to enter the new school year with joy and the best learning conditions.



Children at Bong Sen Kindergarten and Pa Khoang:

TV, red star yellow flag, cooking pot, cup, clay, crayons, seesaw, etc.

Students at Ban Luu Elementary and Secondary School:

Books, notebooks, pens, red flags with yellow stars, basketball, soccer …

Witnessing the joy in the eyes of the teachers and the children in the highlands, our team understands that we not only brought the material that contributes to decrease the difficult and deprivation in their life, but also brought the warmth of humanity so that joy was multiplied.

The trip also gave the members of the delegation valuable experiences: troubled roads, rain forests, power outages … through which we had more understanding, love, cohesion with each other and with the pieces of life. suffered many disadvantages around us.

The program “Connecting love” will continue to be maintained by the Trade Union and the Cotana Youth Union of Cotana Group to extend the joys in places where people’s lives are still difficult and in need.