Cotana Group organized a July pilgrimage

For many years, when the July come, with the respect and memorizm of the heroic martyrs who have sacrificed for our country, Cotana Group organized a pilgrimage to red addresses in the spiritual journey on the central strip of our father land. The trip was attended by the most senior leaders of the group with the heads and deputy heads of the departments in the company.

The first stop of the journey of the delegation is Truong Son martyr’s Cemetery – the resting place of more than ten thousand martyrs from all parts of the country. Standing between the vast space of the mountains, the hills, the trees, the graves of martyrs that has a name or no name we feel eazily the fierce of the war.

In Quang Tri, the delegation visited the Ancient Citadel – where every inch of the earth was soaked with the bones of our civilian soldiers and sincerely lit incense sticks for the heroes who fought hard in 81 days and nights to protect the Ancient Citadel and Quang Tri town.

On their spiritual journey, the delegation also visited the grave of General Vo Nguyen Giap – one of the 10 outstanding generals of the world. Since the General’s rest in Vung Chua – Yen Island, this place has become an indispensable address for every annual pilgrimage of Cotana Group.

The July pilgrimage ended well with the last stop of Dong Loc T-junction, the place has become a legend in the struggle for national liberation, unification of the country, resting place of 10 young voluntary girls sacrificed at a very young age.

The July pilgrimage is a beautiful culture maintained by Cotana Group for many years and will continue to be maintained in the coming years, along with the development of the Company.