CT Samsora Premier Executive Committee determined to complete the project on schedule

Under the 39-40 degrees Celsius of summer days, on the Samsora Premier site, the site managerment board is actively accelerating construction for the purpose of completing the schedule of commitments with investors in September 2019 .

Samsora Premier is a large-scale high-rise building, built in a densely populated area in the center of Ha Dong district, Hanoi. From the project, residents can easily connect to arterial roads such as Quang Trung – Nguyen Trai, Van Phuc to To Huu – Le Van Luong streets. In order to build a project that is aesthetic and quality, handing over on schedule the commitment to the investor of the the site managerment board has many positive measures to ensure the completion of the goal.

The organization of the construction site was unified and closely coordinated between the units participating in the project construction on the principle of “Safety – Quality – Progress”. The construction environment always ensures clean, minimizes noise, uses discreet screens and ensures security and order.

In order to complete the project on schedule, in addition to making and seriously carrying out the work in accordance with the detailed plan set up (including contingency plans for arising works), the site managerment board also assign specific and clear tasks to each site and  office engineers,

Implementing the regulations, construction procedures and having a written commitment to ensure progress with subcontractors, suppliers and labor teams, organizing internal briefings and hold regular meetings with teams to promptly solve difficulties and problems of subcontractors and teams during the implementation process.


With the spirit of determination and serious working attitude, urgently BCH CT Samsora Premier will achieve the goal successfully.